To ensure the site remains intimate and relevant, membership to Privy is "by invitation only" from a member with invitation privileges.

While the majority of our network is composed of members invited by other trusted members, we realize that there are like-minded folks in yet unreached circles of influence that we would like to include in our community. If you have not yet received an invitation to Privy, you can fill out an application to join the waiting list for Privy membership. Please be aware, however, that the list is quite extensive at this point, so we recommend checking with friends to see if they have invites to spare.

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As a Privy guest, you can read about cultural pioneers and trends in the Privy Mag, get insider access to the local 411 with Privy 5 City Guides, and attend Select Events that connect and inspire. Anyone can sign up for a guest account.

We also offer a VIP subscription service.
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Privy offers a vast network of opportunities for those who thirst for more. As a Privy member, you’ll get exclusive access to VIP events, Privy+ Perks and an executive dashboard for all things social. Sync your travel itinerary with Privy members internationally while keeping the company of global influencers and creative leaders.

Membership requires an invitation from an exisiting member or a membership application approved by our international coommittee or trustees.
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