Our Story

our story

It all started when Stephen Liu, founder and CEO of Privy, took a two-month break from business school to travel across Asia.

During his time in the East, Stephen lived in Beijing, hung out in Shanghai, and attended the Hong Kong handover ceremony of 1997. There, he met many well-connected, high-profile people, and even though they came from different industries, they all displayed the same drive for innovation and success. He also noticed their transpacific migration patterns: they all traveled frequently to and from the biggest urban hubs in Asia and North America.

Having already founded the Asian Professional Exchange (APEX), Stephen knew all about the power of relationships. He knew that anything could be accomplished when driven, like-minded people connected as a community, no matter where they were on the globe.

This sparked an idea: What if there was a private platform that could bring these jetsetters together? What if that platform provided its users with everything they needed to know: who's in town, where to go, and what to do? The solution: Privy Circle, a social dossier for people who make things happen. We allow groups of accomplished individuals to enable their pursuits of business, pleasure, and philanthropy, whether they're in Asia, North America, and beyond.

Stephen Liu

Stephen Christopher Liu
CEO, Privy Groupe

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